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Tube Inserts and Ferrules

Tube Inserts and Ferrules

Specialty Tool produces Ferrules, Sleeves, Inserts and Liners for heat exchangers, condensers and boilers. Our custom manufactured products will prolong the life of your equipment and increase unit reliability. Our inserts can be made from a variety of materials to your exacting specifications as a standalone or can be combined with our expert installation.

Tube Plugs

Tube Plugs

Power plugs designed by Specialty Tool provide superior seal without causing tube damage or ovaling of the tubesheet hole. Utilizing a cam and wedge design power plugs can provide a seal up to 4000 PSI and 1200 Degrees F and can be manufactured from virtually any material specified. Our Power Plugs are a quick, cost effective solution to your plugging needs. When remote plugging is required, we carry the Snap It™ Plug.

Haskel HydroSwage

Haskel HydroSwage® Hydraulic Tube Expansion Equipment

Specialty Tool is the Premier North and South American distributor for Haskel International and offers a wide range of equipment designed for hydraulic expansion of heat exchanger tubes into tube sheets through the direct application of high internal hydraulic pressure. This equipment constitutes the HydroSwage product line.

Hydraulic Expansion

Hydraulic Expansion and Heat Exchanger Sleeving

Specialty Tool Services (STS) specializes in Hydraulic expansion, which is the method used to expand heat exchanger tubes using direct pressure to expand the tube forming it into the tubesheet joint. This process is also used in Strain Control Sleeving, where an insert is installed into the parent tube over the damaged area and hydraulically expanded to get full contact with parent and seals the problem areas, resulting in an extended life to the exchanger along with cost savings. STS provides tube technology services globally.


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